About Kathy Gales

I’m an educator, parent, and grandparent who believes in the importance of parents and their role in building the capacity for children to learn. I also have a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida and a graduate certificate in Family Literacy from Penn State University.

Why parent-child talk matters

Everyday conversations can help young children learn. Quality back-and-forth conversation supports the building of strong brain architecture and creates wide background knowledge–and both will help children learn more throughout life. The time between birth and the start of kindergarten is a golden opportunity for parents to use everyday conversation to build their children’s capacity to learn.

What you’ll find at TalktoLearn.org
  • More about the value of parent-child talk
  • How to increase the quality of parent-child conversations
  • How to add more parent-child conversation to reading aloud
  • Ideas for adding conversation to everyday activities