Talking Everyday

A Ball for Daisy

Story Summary

A  dog and her favorite red ball are inseparable. Daisy loves her ball–she plays with it and sleeps with it.  But what happens when Daisy’s beloved toy is accidentally broken? This wordless book shares the universal emotions of love, loss, and recovery through pictures–you and your child bring the words to the story. Read More

Skip-around reading

Your 18-month old drops a book off in your lap, climbs up on the chair beside you, grabs the book and opens it to the middle, and wants you to read here. Not the first page–here. After you read that page, she finds another page. Now read there. 

Does that sound familiar? Read More

The Lion & the Mouse

Story Summary

This wordless book retells the classic Aesop’s fable, but with an African setting. A mouse accidentally disturbs the quiet of a lion and expects to get eaten, but is released unharmed by the lion. The mouse remembers this great kindness and later repays the lion by chewing through ropes that have made the lion a prisoner.  Read More